Connect OP-Z to OP-1

Hey guys, I realize there is a heap of suggestions about how to connect the 2 devices, but I find a lot of the YouTube solutions aren’t very direct and unclear and as someone new to this world, could anyone provide a clear, easy solution on how to achieve this?

Much appreciated.


How do you want to connect them? Audio or MIDI? Do you want the OP-1 or OP-Z to be in charge?

I essentially want the OP-1 to be in charge. Is the set up very different for the opposite (OP-Z to be in charge)?


Anyone happy to chime in and help me out on this one?

Many thanks.

What cables do you have?

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I currently just have the cables that come with the 2 devices.

One last little ask to see if anyone can help with this before I call it a day?

If you only have the cables that came with them. You will need an adapter. Usb c to usb.

Sweet! Thanks. Is that all I need?

In my case iyt was all i needed. I got a apple usb c to usb adapter.
When connected, you will notice a lot of noise , but you can disable usb loading on both machines. Good luck.