Connectivity to Squarp Hermod after sampler update

I am having no luck getting the OP-Z to send any info to the Hermod. Clock, when set on Hermod to receive incoming, isn’t doing anything. On the OP-Z app I have tried the first 8 channels as midi but no midi is being converted to CV by the Hermod. I tried adjusting CC values. I have the Hermod set for incoming clock from usb host(where OP-Z is connected). I read on the Hermod forum that a few users have not been able to connect the OP-Z since the sampler update went live. Has anyone tried reverting to a previous OP-Z firmware or had similar issues connecting after the update? Most likely I am just doing it wrong as I have no experience connecting midi equipment. If I could just sync the clocks somehow I could actually have some fun playing with the OP-Z and my Eurorack. I am also at a loss as how to send clock from the Hermod to OP-Z. The manual states that if set for clock in it will automatically sync but I have had no luck. I’m going to squarp forums to see if I can figure out how to set up clock-out on Hermod through usb. Any help here would be super appreciated. This forum never lets me down :stuck_out_tongue: