Copy/pasting sequences and Sidechain Ducking

Hello everyone, I made two videopaks that aren’t really visual related but they bring extra functionality to your OP-Z!

This one let’s you copy and paste sequences to another track, a heavily requested feature for the OP-Z.
This one is a sidechain ducker effect.

You can find these here:

I thought they were pretty useful and I hope you do too!


Very nice, looking forward to trying them !

This is really great.
How did you do that? :smiley:

Hello! I bought a sidechain pack with pleasure. downloaded an archive with several files. how can I install this pack on op-z using ios?

Hey there, you’re going to have to drop that main folder onto your iOS device using a computer. Here are the instructions from the Github:

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Videopaks can send and receive MIDI CC values. :wink:

thanks, then I’ll have to wait a bit until I get to the computer.

Does this let you for instance copy the chord track to the melody track?

Correct, but you have to keep the polyphony of the tracks in mind. On the chord track for example you can have 4 notes on the same step but on the lead track you can only have three.

Good news for Android users, both paks are now also running on Android! (tested on a Pixel 2 and an old Motorola)

Do these work without the app attached? Ie. Standalone. I literally never use the app other than checking it out hahah. Good work though!

Videopaks only run through the app, but once you copy/paste a pattern or record some ducking you of course don’t need the app/videopak running anymore to use the copied or ducked pattern on your OP-Z by itself.