correct use of threshold for sampling

Hello there,

I got my OP-1 a few days ago and I’m trying to learn how to record samples with the highest amount of quality possible. So how do you use the threshold? Is it meant for cutting out noise? And what about the amplification (red knob)? Why amplify anyways? Wouldn’t you get a lower quality recording by amplifying the OP-1’s line in signal? I don’t know a lot of music theory so I’m sorry.

I already recorded a few samples but you can always hear a little background noise that disappears when the note has played so I assume it’s my sample.
And what does “TRIG” mean on the mic/input sample record screen? Can’t seem to find anything about it.

the threshold has to do with triggering the start of recording when the audio reaches a certain volume level.

you set the threshold so that when the audio goes above it, the recording will automatically start.

Ok, I thought its for filtering out stuff thats below a certain volume.

And what about the red bar, the amplification?