Creating drum fills

Hi guys,

My OP-1 touched down today and I'm excited. But I'm trying to figure out the best system for creating drum-fills or variations to a kick track once I'm well into something. Curious if you guys have any tips or tricks for creating fills and variations. Do you do them as you go, drop the kick track into a sampler - etc.



I usually do it as I go. If you’re using the Drum Sampler, you can also take your main Kick, resample it with a little filtering or something, and toss it in on the next key, to add a little subtle variation. Works with any sound, of course.

FINGERRRRRR. DRUM MONKEYS. fill / replace / join!

ENDLESSSSS. twist knobs and stuff!

copy 1 drum sound over a few keys (lift+drop) maybe hold key+lift?
mess w/ different pitch, volume, envelope, start/end points, etc on each.

use LFO on something too!

This might be useful. Not fills exactly, but variation…

Random play on endless with the sounds you want in a fill. Record to tape, chop and drop best bits.