Creating limitations in the studio: what are your experiences?

Hey guys,

It’s been a bit of a hot minute since I’ve been on the forum (actually, since it was hosted by the other site!) and I used to go by the name millbastard (quite a few of the tips/tricks are mine).

Anyway, I’ve been busy working on a PhD in music production, and I have a huge amount of focus on interfaces, devices, etc, and how they impact the creative process. I’m particularly interested in the restriction/limitation of devices, and how they change the nature of the practice itself. The OP1 factors heavily into this, and I’ve started releasing tunes that focus heavily on using the OP1 (you can find them at this link if you’re interested: - including one track that I actually submitted for a battle here back in the day (Battle 46) that was kind of a Radiohead/Bon Iver/Burial vibe. I’ve also created a dropbox link with the OP1 tape tracks, so anyone is free to download them, import them into their OP1, and play around with them (tempo is 72/144). Or, feel free to sample them, remix, whatever (just credit me).

(I’d eventually like to upload all of my stems and even DAW sessions somewhere people can easily download them - does anyone have ideas about the best way to do this? I was going to use Dropbox, but not sure if I can make it “public” or not?)

What I’d love to hear from anyone interested is your thoughts these days on using the OP1 creatively: how are you using it? Are you creating whole tracks, or remixing, or just using as a synth? Are there other things you do int he studio to limit your options that have been successful for you? While my PhD doesn’t have a “survey” component to it, I’ve found it really useful chatting with other electronic music producers about their experiences with specific gear and workflows - it often helps me understand why I feel a certain way about how something works.