No new os, no new modules… What gives?


? What do you mean? The last update is not too long ago isn’t it?

Yeah, the latest was in August with the mono mode for drums. Not that long ago, sure, but you can clearly tell that the firmware release cadence is way down:

2019: 7 firmware releases
2020: 4 firmware releases (3 within the first four months of 2020)

Obviously COVID and other factors probably have a lot to do with that, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a “big” feature come to OP-Z through firmware updates.

Obviously we also got video photomatic through the app which is great, but I’d love to see something bigger for the music-making side of the device - a new synth type would be awesome.


Yeah man, it’s been a while since OP-Z had a significant update.
Same for the modules.
I mean the rumble looks great, but is is obviously not for everyone.

New modules or synth engines would be cool, but above all I’d like to see new core functionality. Something as simple as the triple-click to ‘lock’ in mixer or program mode without holding those buttons was way more useful to me than a single new synth engine would ever be. There are so many good suggestions by users of this forum that could be added to the firmware without the need for new hardware - I wish TE would pay more attention to its users!


I would love to see paid third party sound plugs, but I’m afraid the cpu is too weak to handle a nice sound engine on top of the complex sequencer.
I find the sequencer very inspiring and fun to use but I hate the stock sound engines.
If the opz ends up being just a sequencer with a couple of subpar synth engines, I will keep using my keystep pro, but I hope they start expanding the synth side of the device.


Two month later… and still no updates or anything.
Feels like a forgotten product :pensive:

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I hope it didn’t surprise anyone… I warned everyone here when so many kept on fire months how crappy the opz is built that they might give it a bad name and TE will just move on… But got continually made fun of four being a fanboi and they had a right to complain… Well good job… Now you have a crappy built forgotten product…

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don’t be daft. They will continue to support the op-z with updates. I’ve always been satisfied with the machine in that department. I just want they to fix what’s going wrong in the manufacturing dept. for future buyers. You don’t really believe that they are holding back on any future updates due to folk calling out what is sloppy workmanship? You should see what its like being a toraiz sp-16 / as-1 owner! :slight_smile: The op-z isn’t Cyberpunk, and expecting it to be updated every few months is, well, greedy.


Totally agree. Grateful for every update, but already happy with this little machine!


It’s about the form factor imho that wins me over every time I struggle to make it sound how I like. Been eyeing those Arturia controllers a long time which probably would play very nice with my not-so thought-out eurorack but the form factor of Z with oplab despite it’s limited module track functionality wins

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I love my OP-Z which is why I want more updates (like step components on non-audio tracks, cue mute groups) and some new modules (like multiple audio outs, or line-in sampling, or extra memory for more sample/synth engine storage).


Exactly… And companies dont continue support for instruments that didn’t sell well.

Haven’t heard any mention of the email that went out this morning. It looks like tomorrow (April 1st) TE is having the first episode of Season 2 of Midnight Operations. The email says below the date ‘PS. there will be an easter egg or two for those who are patient’.

I initially perceived that as patience with something like a firmware update, but realize it could also mean waiting until the end of the episode for the news. Either way, I’m excited to hear what’s up with them and I’m surprised there hasn’t been any mention of the email on this forum or the reddit (that i’ve seen).

Could it make this thread look like it’s not aging well? haha I hope so!


So did they say anything interesting?

Can’t speak for others but none of it was really too interesting to me. I think the TE education stuff is actually really cool and I have always felt that there isn’t much content-wise out there for the OP-Z in terms of education, OP-1 is a bit better on that front.

Aside from that I heard about a new OP-Z App update that is focused around Video stuff, not something I use but I can definitely understand how that’s building out the robustness of the product they promised with the OP-Z.

Pretty happy with TE and the gear I own from them. As a small business owner I really appreciate all the work they do and the products they’ve created. This isn’t Behringer, or Roland (who sucks with updates anyway imo) or anything like that. TE punches way above their weight class, and pound for pound, I think every TE piece of gear I own is worth more than I paid for it.


Perhaps after the 10 year OP-1 celebration there will be some tasty OP-Z updates coming soon.