No new os, no new modules… What gives?


? What do you mean? The last update is not too long ago isn’t it?

Yeah, the latest was in August with the mono mode for drums. Not that long ago, sure, but you can clearly tell that the firmware release cadence is way down:

2019: 7 firmware releases
2020: 4 firmware releases (3 within the first four months of 2020)

Obviously COVID and other factors probably have a lot to do with that, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a “big” feature come to OP-Z through firmware updates.

Obviously we also got video photomatic through the app which is great, but I’d love to see something bigger for the music-making side of the device - a new synth type would be awesome.


Yeah man, it’s been a while since OP-Z had a significant update.
Same for the modules.
I mean the rumble looks great, but is is obviously not for everyone.

New modules or synth engines would be cool, but above all I’d like to see new core functionality. Something as simple as the triple-click to ‘lock’ in mixer or program mode without holding those buttons was way more useful to me than a single new synth engine would ever be. There are so many good suggestions by users of this forum that could be added to the firmware without the need for new hardware - I wish TE would pay more attention to its users!


I would love to see paid third party sound plugs, but I’m afraid the cpu is too weak to handle a nice sound engine on top of the complex sequencer.
I find the sequencer very inspiring and fun to use but I hate the stock sound engines.
If the opz ends up being just a sequencer with a couple of subpar synth engines, I will keep using my keystep pro, but I hope they start expanding the synth side of the device.

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