Custom Firmware - Can you help me please?

So for a while Ive been using a version of the modded OP-1 firmware using the tool available on GitHub but recently had to reformat to troubleshoot some audio dropouts. Now for some reason when I go through the same process to load the firmware I get an error from the op-1 “error: missing ustar tag” or and allocation error “firmware not found”. I think it has something to do with the way Python (3.8) compresses the file but changing that is outside my limited realm of knowledge.

Anyone willing to upload a working version for me? I was using a firmware with ALL mods enabled (iter presets-iter filter subtle-fx gfx-iter-lab gfx-tape-invert gfx-cwo-moose) and I find it really hard to go back to using that tape at the bottom of the screen (my neck hurts!)

Thanks for any help!

since os 237 I haven‘t installed the mod but would appreciate a word on the modding aspect.

@JohnnyEgo Well, are you able to compile a version? I’ll gladly try it out for you but so far I have not been able to make a working version with Mac (10.14.6) and Python (3.8). “Missing ustar tag” every time.

Ok it seems to be a problem related to Python 3.8. I downgraded to an earlier version (3.6.9 I believe) and then everything worked as normal!

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FYI, this is not unusual while using python. Programmers often use a tool like PyEnv to keep their different projects compiling with a version of python that is working until they are able to update the project to work with newer versions if they are still maintaining/working on the project.

If you don’t need to have more than one python version, I would suggest not updating until you know that the firmware tool has been updated/tested with it. If you do need to have differnet versions of python on one system, you should learn to use PyEnv or another virtual environment tool (there are others, PyEnv is the one I used in the past).

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@DayVeeBoi Thanks for the information, I was not aware!

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I just released v0.2.4 of the tool which should fix the python 3.8 issue.
Upgrade to the latest version with the following command:

pip3 install op1repacker --upgrade

I’m trying to get the repacker working but I seem to be in over my head… op1repacker seemed to install fine but gives me a syntax error at “unpack” when I try to run it… anyone have the patience to help me out here? I’d be ever so grateful.