Custom HomePage


I have added a feature which allows the users to change how they view the site. This lets people have a bit more freedom with the functionality.

To use:

  • Click on your user name
  • in the left hand panel under your icon click "Edit My Account"
  • Choose from: Homepage View, Discussion View, and Categories View.
  • Hit Save
  • Play with it and see what you like!

Hope this helps some people.


OOhhh that’s awesome! Thanks for this dimi3


Cool thanks @dimi3!


Great idea! I cannot find the"edit my account" link though, only “edit profile”


it’s under edit profile on mine @Lushr. I think that ‘edit account’ was from a different theme/setup that was in use back on the 3rd.


Yeah sorry, I meant to say I found it there.



patch generator


hey i cant figure out how to type this on the right page, im in minneapolis selling some gear, particularly a maschine studio (white) good price…



Hey how does this work? It looks sweet.


@Kites - Not sure why that was posted here, but since you asked…

Pick the synth engines you want to include/exclude - all are on by default.
Adjust the range for the various knobs if you want.
Hit Next at the bottom.
Repeat similar steps for envelope and effects.
Download a bunch of randomly generated patches at the end.


Thanks @el_wombato so it really is random, and you don’t know how it will sound untill it loads on to the op-1 right? So maybe the appeal is that you can doucument these patches,
It doesn’t seem to be friendly with my ipad :frowning:


Great! Ok, thnx for idea.