CV expander

If the Moog CV expander was designed to connect the Moog Werkstatt (which uses jumper cables) to other gear with CV (1/4 or 1/8?). If 1/8, could this be used with something like Bastl Kastle or Bit Ranger (also using jumper cables) and Korg Volcas or Teenage P.O.s (1/8.)?

I realize this isn't exactly true control voltage in the modular sense (I think) but would it be enough to send/receive clock or as gate trigger? I'm kinda newb at this.

I don't have the Bit Ranger or the Werkstatt (not yet at least), but I do have the Kastle. I know its got the I/O on the back, so it will sync, but i'm still working my head around implementing it properly. And I was kinda thinking about picking up the CV expander to augment or...expand...the patching possibilities a la sonic experimentation with the little Kastle.

thoughts? thanks yall

I have a Kastle and a borrowed Werkstatt (with the CV expander) at the moment. I tried putting a miniplug cable from Kastle’s I/O jack into Werkstatt’s gate out (which also functions as gate in) last night, and managed to trigger the Werkstatt that way, so it works! There’s two signals you can patch out via the Kastle I/O port, so I suppose you could send both pitch and gate to the Werkstatt that way, but you probably won’t be able to play anything in tune (with a standard scale anyway).

I also experimented with jumper cables before, so patching them straight across the two should work too, but there might be some surprises since the jumper cables don’t have ground. Werkstatt manual says that it’s enough if the two devices share a mixer at the output signal, but I’m not sure (don’t understand a lot about these things).