CV Module connectors

Trying to make sure I understand the oplab module correctly. It has a gate output and CV output for pitch; however, both of those ports are stereo (trs) connectors. If I were to get a couple single TRS to dual TS cable, I would then have access to two admiral CVs for modulation, correct?

Also, any idea where to get such a connector?

Those work perfectly for me.
The tip/ring-labelling also helps finding the right connections without any trial and error.
Tips are CV (1) or gate, rings are CV2 or CV3.

Also: Keep in mind that the oplab module is only capable of the range between -5/+5V while many modules accept a range between -10/+10V. So you might not be able to modulate on the „whole range“ with only the oplab module.

Would that actually work though? Because it’s still TRS on both sides, so if I connected w mono CV cable on the end, wouldn’t it just duplicate the Tip signal and ignore the Ring?

no. the Adapter Splits the trs Connection to (tip ,sleeve) for gate and (ring,sleeve) for cv. (sleeve) is ground

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How do I use CV2 & CV3? Isn’t it possible to do sweeps? And if so, how? Is the only way to use them to parameter lock values? That still doesn’t seem to work?