CV Sync Question

Hello, all. I have now had an OP-1 for about a week and a half now and I am overall liking it. I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of what I could do with this little guy. But, the one thing that is puzzling me right now is getting things to sync. It seems like a common problem people run into. I know I could just easy button it with a usb/midi host, which I may still do. But, I was trying to get the OP-1 to send clock (The 1/16) mode setting to my microfreak using a split cable. I am wondering if my 1/4" to 1/8" is maybe interfering with my microfreak receiving clock from the OP-1. If I can send clock this way, I would really prefer it. I have read some of the other threads on CV sync and haven’t yet found anything very helpful. The OP-1 is cool, but, why on earth aren’t syncing options better? I would like to have a minimal setup if possible. Oh, and does the OP-1 receive CV? I am assuming not since I have found no information to support this idea, but thought it would be worth asking. Thanks in advance and feel free to link to a thread that you think may help.

you need this:

or this:

Thanks, for the suggestions. I was under the impression that the OPlab was much more expensive than the prices I just saw. Still a bit out of the range I can spend right now, so I will look into the pi.

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the sync signal on the OP1 is really weak

it could just be that u need to amplify it a bit for it to trigger.

worked for me in a few situations w/ the OP1. sync is super solid once u make it louder.

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