Deleting factory presets

Hi there !

As everyone here (I guess), the OP1 is my best studio-friend,
BUT I’m not a huge fan of the factory presets and I wonder if there’s a way to get rid of them.
Any idea ?

Thanks !!

@pekopeko Unfortunately no.

Time to change that!..

I guess you could write a computer script that dumps all your own presets into the right places.


@eronald Maybe, but the presets are not visible from the mounted drive, only in the OS image, but that is compressed by some unknown method (there was a user in the old forum that once claimed to have found a way to mess with that, but the person did not want to reveal how to do it).

This is so incredibly incredibly frustrating… why on earth wouldn’t they enable users to make their own custom presets? This is 90% that I want from a good synth: to be able to customize the sounds. Yes, I know I can create the user presets folder - but the factory presets still take up a huge amount of the UI. I want them gone. Completely. Do you have a name on the person who fiddled with those scripts punji ? Thanks

Oh shoot I just realized that was that long post I already went through. Hoped there was something more readily at hand. Guess I’ll have to man up then

it is possible, read the custom firmware thread.
i was going to try it myself
its not that crazy but its a lil tricky i thought so i never actually went thru w/ it.