Deleting Factory Presets ?

Hello All,
I’ve been reading stuff on this forum and on others for a couple days now. I can’t seem to find if there is a way to delete “factory presets” on the Op-1. This would serve two purpose :

First, it’d allow me to have a cleaner workflow, by deleting the presets I don’t use. Even better, I was hoping to rename my favorite ones and order them differently (a pack for lead, another one for melody etc…)
The second purpose would be to free some space. That’s only accounting the fact that I haven’t really been able to figure out if the “100 synth” and “42 sample synth” limitation includes the factory presets. I seem to have read conflicting info on that.

If anyone has some information on the matter, it’d help a lot.

Thanks a lot guys,

As far as I know you can delete them but you won’t get more space because it’s reserved for the presets.

AFAIK you need to modify the firmware to remove presets. Or simply make a user folder and put your favourite presets there (save as snapshot, then rename und put it in the new folder)