Dialling in a bowed sound

Hi guys, I’m looking to dial in some bow like sounds (both bass and higher register). I’m not really sure where to start on the op1. I’m not looking for virtual violins or anything, just something with that long drawn out feel.

(Yes, I decided not to sell, but put effort in to get to know it better!)

Did you cop the beta update or no? I’ve gotten some pretty violiny stuff outta voltage without meaning too… I could try to dial it in again and see if I can get a bowed sound…

Happy u didn’t sell!

edit: is ambient slowish attack long decay type stuff what you mean by drawn out?

Yeah on the new beta. I’m aiming for droney/ambient sequences where I can layer on bell type sounds. I’ll have a play around with voltage. Thanks.

Yeah play around with that one
I like to turn the attack slope in and the release real long, decay can move around, and I like the sustain volume a little lower than the attack so it gets some motion. I set the LFO to value and I make it turn the red knob on the voltage synth… Adds a cool scratchiness motion kinda emulating more of a played evolving synth… I just have it bounce the red voltage up and down — then I use the nitro filter to clean up what tones are coming thru and u can even play nitro a lot if u want … But that gives a real nice deep scratchy ambient note sound that I just had a lot of fun with