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Thought I’d start a thread where people can list decent record shops they’ve been to.

I just got back from Copenhagen in Denmark and have to say, I really enjoyed a trip to Route 66 which is a 10 minute walk from Nørreport metro station in what felt like quite a cool part of town. My wife and 4 year old were in tow, so I was on borrowed time and I actually only made it through the first 4 or so racks of records. Each of these racks were labelled "Nyheder", which means "news", and in the short time I was there, I easily picked out 8 records I wanted. I get the impression they're pretty well stocked up on loads of interesting new stuff with lots of inticing stuff on the walls too. I noticed a few bins marked Second Hand, but didn't get the chance to flick through any of those. Prices were pretty steep though, as is sadly the case for most vinyl these days, so had to make some painful decisions on my pile. Anyways, all in all, a cool shop, will definitely head back next time I'm in København!


Copenhagen is such an awesome city. Good to hear you found some good vinyl places there.

Dig Vinyl ,Bold street ,Liverpool. www.digliverpool.co.uk
Hand picked ,excellent selection of mainly 2nd hand.
Listening posts and friendly staff.
Had to give these a shout out.Great dealers.

We spent a few days in Iceland (totally amazing place!) and so I had a rummage in Lucky Records in Reykjavik: http://luckyrecords.is/

Quite a big shop, loads of vinyl (new and second hand) to rifle through. All sorts of genres. A couple of turntables spotted about where you can preview your tunes. I didn’t buy much (just a Horace Andy record) because everything in Iceland is crazy expensive, but really nice shop. Will visit again on my next trip to Iceland!

If you’re ever in Chicago check out Jazz Record Mart. It’s a chill vibe and they have tons of Sun Ra. Huge jazz LP/CD selection (new and used). They have blues in good stock and lots of CD’s and 45’s.


Went to a really cool trip in Paris this summer. I recommend “Le Silence de La Rue” (great store, with a “Sounds of the Universe” vibe if you know London; a lot of grooves, breaks, hip hop, jamaican music and independent rock - the owner is a little pedant, like a character from “High Fidelity”), “Betino´s Record Shop” (although smaller, have that kind of precise selection of hip hop, grooves, breaks, jungle, leftfield eletronica, etc that we love; the owner is very kind and knows a lot of cool stuff, including french breaks!) and Rocket Records (at the Marché aux puces de Saint-Ouen, owned by the amazing Mr. Abida Hichem, a living legend of the rockabilly french scene and connoisseur of soul, r n`b, funk and rare grooves, which he also releases as an ongoing vinyl V/As series - essential visit if you like 7-inches and that kind of sound!).

I spent Saturday morning at Record Corner in Godalming (Surrey, England). It was Record Store Day and they had what I thought was an excellent system for giving everyone a fair chance. I got to the shop at 9am (opening time) and there was a queue of about 60 people outside the shop. The first guy in the queue got there at 5:30. This is nothing compared to Rough Trade East (brilliant record shop near Brick Lane in London) where people queue from the previous day and the queue is just ridiculous by opening time. Anyways, the system at Record Corner was that you were only allowed to buy a single item… and if you wanted more, you’d go right to the back of the queue and wait again. I think it was a nice fair system that would stop a greedy few grabbing everything and putting it on ebay. They were pretty well stocked on the RSD releases… although somebody beat me to the number one item on my list - d’oh! The staff were also really nice and kept going up and down the queue offering tea and biscuits and umbrellas! Top shop!

Hello! :slight_smile: Someone recommend a nice record store in Madrid? :slight_smile: