Disable usb charging

I know, that it´s possible to disable usb charging while using the op-z/op-1. But what happens, if the battery is empty? Would it be possible to charge it again? Or do I have to enable the usb charging before the battery is empty?

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I’m pretty sure — but don’t quote me on this — that it resets the setting when you turn it off and back on again.

Thanks for your reply! I´ve tested it with the OP-1 today, but unfortunately, it does not reset the setting when I turn it off and on.

Well, rats. That’s good to know. Thanks for posting back!

i dont understand this. im really confused :man_shrugging:.
why would you not want op-z to charge ??
and why dont you just unplug it ?
also why is it a bad thing for “charging disabled” reset ? it seems logical it would be re-enabled one its plugged again. otherwise it would be a dead brick.

disabling charging while the device is on is supposed to help with ground loop noise
which is common when plugging your device MIDI and AUDIO into another device
like your computer for example.
sometimes it does help sometimes it doesn’t.

if u have charging disabled, it will still charge when u turn the device off.


thanks ! i understand now. i used to have same problem with a korg device.

Thank you so much - it works! I was a bit scared to disable usb charging, without knowing this! Thanks!

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always happy to help :pizza: