Do i need to save imported drumsample after setting start and end points?

Hi guys,

I just imported some classics breaks (Amen, Apache etc) into my newly acquired OP1 and edited the start and end points so all keys play the right slices.
Now I’m not sure if I need to save these after chopping the right slices? Most videos show how to sample and slice’n’dice and use to make a track, but none really show how to save it.

0. Connected OP1 to PC
1. Made “Kits” and “Loops” folder inside the “Drum” folder.
2. Pasted some kits and drumbreak in these folders
3. OP1 read the files, in drums I can now see the folders “Kits” and “Loops”. My samples are inside those.
4. On OP1 I adjusted start and end points of the loops

but now…

5. Do I need to save it? If yes, how to save the loops?

I saw a video where a kit was made and it was saved by holding the bank button for 5 seconds, but i’m not sure if i need to save my loops the same way.


To answer my own question:

NO, the OP1 does not automatically save altered start/end points in the drum sampler.
When you replace the kit in the bank with another kit or loop the adjustments are gone.
Also when you power off, the adjustment are rolled back to OP1’s standard slicing.

The way to save is to make a snapshot by holding the bank number for 5-8 seconds (untill saved message).
Afterwards you’ll have to change the datestamp name of the snapshot to something more usefull (and move the kit to another folder).
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