does this help you DIYers?

Looks interesting. Definitely worth checking out! Have to say I’m quite the novice when it comes to Linux. But looking forward to dive into it!

@Defectus find out if it has a better dac :slight_smile:

I don’t have much hope for that, for $35 it’s hard to expect half as much as you get.

@flybry I have some love+hate for seq24. I wish it was designed without the mouse in mind. it’s pretty good at talking to the op-1 but I have found a few firmware bugs that way.

@anomalous it’s probably the same. But I’ll report my findings.

think I’m gonna grab a cheap USB soundcard to go with the pi. Any recommendations?

Very interesting read.

Could also be useful:

Why buy a microphone when you can make one out of a pencil =)

I ordered one to be the gateway in a Internet of Things demo using the Arduino Uno R3 as a uProcessor for the sensors