Drawing MIDI CC data from Op1 in Synth Mode

Hi everyone,

I just bought an OP-1 a few days ago and I’m loving it! I’m trying to study it properly so to be able to use extensively in my compositions.
There are a few things I’m trying to understand if they are possible. When in Synth (or Drum) mode is it possible to send the CC MIDI (a part from musical keyboard) data to a DAW?
I tested the LFO MIDI controlled from Ableton to OP-1, which works beautifully. My question is, can you do the opposite (in synth mode , not CTRL mode) so write the data into the DAW white you’re moving the knobs?
I use that a lot in other synths: I play and move a cut off (for example) so midi notes and the cutoff swell are recorded into a midi channel. Then I can go and edited as I wanted, press play and the notes and cutoff will play back into the machine. Basically, I don’t want to be able ‘just’ to program CC1 CC2 CC3 and CC4 from the DAW but be able to draw musically while playing the syth or drums.
I hope it make sense.
many thanks