Drones in the sampler

Anyone got any tips or tricks for making drones with the sampler? My samples always seem to have a click at the end. I know I could do it by making a tape loop with the new crossfade functionality but I’d like to use it for making drones live.

Have you fine tuned the loop points after adjusting your start/end points in your sample segment? If you hold shift, you can do a finer adjustment. Then, find a part of the waveform that isn’t popping when it loops. Additionally, you can adjust your envelope to be a little smoother, but that doesn’t have as much of an effect on smoothing the loop points.

If what you are sampling has a lot of reverb, delay or other sound adding effects you are more likely to have Pops and Clicks. If you are sampling something with reverb for instance and you manually add more reverb while sampling you’re probably gonna hear a pop

I’ve had good luck with using the endless sequencer and setting my strat and end points while loop playing that sample in a sequence

Lots of times I can find the right bpm setting and a loop that doesn’t pop, that way

And yes hold shift to get a finer edit. Sometimes if my sample start point doesn’t need to be edited I’ll scroll start point all the way over to end point so that I can see the waveform even closer. Then find a spot that way, slid start point back to beginning of sample