Dropping OP1 files to Iphone Anyone!?

Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone had tried connecting their OP1 to an Iphone?? I want to drop my recordings from Vinyl mode to Garageband IOS.

I’ve given up on trying to record sounds from my OP1 into Garageband IOS, it seems the only way is to get a “Full Size” Audio interface - Which completely defeats the ‘portable’ solution i’m looking for. Unless there were an I-rig with 2 inputs???

Thanks for the help

I use a Roland GO:Mixer. Works great.

Also, the Behringer UCA222 is a tiny bus driven interface with stereo inputs and monitoring ability. Super cheap. You will need the apple usb “camera” adapter but I can verify it works, before I owned the Roland, I used this.


Wireless card reader by Apotop. Plug the op1 into the reader. Connect ur phone the the readers wifi hotspot. Open up the readers app on ur phone. Put the op1 into disk mode. You can now access the entire op1 file structure and download to ur phone.