Drum pattern sequencer improvement?

OK, so I am already presenting suggestions for improvement though I have not received my OP-1 yet, so bear with me if I am wrong... ;-)

Having recorded a drum sequence in the pattern sequencer, the drum sequence gets pitch shifted when playing the pattern on different keys of the musical keyboard. Wouldn't it be much more useful if different keys could be used for storing different patterns instead?

That is what the Finger sequencer is for.

I know that you can do something like that with Finger, but it seems a little bit restricted (like 2 note polyphony per pattern). But I guess I will have to wait a couple of days till I receive it and try myself. :wink:

Thanks for your input!

the 2 note limit is only at the step level. u can have lots of sounds going on and two patterns to jump back and forth or layer over each other. finger kills pattern IMHO.

+1 for finger. absolutly my favorite sequencer followed by endless.