Drum sample playmode issue

I’m having an issue with drum samples I’m dragging and dropping into the samplepack folder of the OP-Z for the drums. All the drums I import myself default to Gate playmode, so whenever I sequence any drums (kick,snare, etc) the sound gets cut off after a split second. What I have to do to fix this is go back into sampler mode, and then on each individual key, shift + red dial to change each note style to Retrig, which is SUPER annoying. Oddly enough, when I watched youtube videos of people uploading their drum samples, I didn’t notice this same issue. Is there a setting I can change so that all my drum samples to Retrig when they’re added to the Samplepack folder? Changing the Note Style on the selected drum track also doesn’t seem to change anything either, even though it says Retrig, the sounds still don’t play out as if it was set to Gate.

I think that this issue is coming from the last firmware.
I didn’t try with sampler but I have the same issue since last firmware with non stock drums (like op1fun files).
I tried to do a factory reset but it didn’t changed anything.
The only solution I found is to apply long notes (with blue dots) but that’s super annoying too…

Look at firmware topic, some other people have this kind of issue too.

Ah interesting! Thanks for the heads up! I figured it was something recent, since most of the videos I’ve watched of people uploading their own samples never had this issue. Good to know! Hopefully this gets fixed soon, cause as it stands it’s just too tedious to change all the drums.