Drum Sample vs Synth Sample Recording

I’m a bit confused with this. In Synth - the sample length I can save is 6 sec. In Drum sample, it is 20 sec. Both are saved to a Snapshot folder in the respective engines. I am sampling using the Radio function.

But how do I load a sample I saved in the Synth engine? I press one of the 1-8 keys, scroll to the Snapshot folder but I can’t seem to load the saved sample sound. I can rename it, etc but I can’t seem to load it. However, I can load a sample in my Drum engine’s Snapshot folder.

When sampling, the recording ends up in the selected 1-8 slot only. It is not automatically added to snapshots folder. To create a snapshot, hold the 1-8 button for the sound you want to save.

Hi. I did that and the “saved” screen shows up. I go into the Snapshot folder and the sample is saved. But I can’t seem to load it to one of the 1-8 Synth slots. But for Drums Snapshot, I can load the samples in the Drum engine.