Drum sequence - sequence pitch changes?

Sorry for all the noob questions…

Is there a way to add pitch info to a drum sequence in one of the sequencers? For example varying a snare pitch for each hit in the sequence? I know I can do it in realtime to tape. Just wondering if there is any kind of ‘parameter lock’ type function hidden somewhere :wink:


You can copy a sound to a different key (sampler slot) and change the pitch there

i think a way to do it in the sequencers, is to copy your sound w/ lift and drop onto multiple keys and set each one to a different pitch then sequence them that way.

“Parameter locking” would actually be a smooth af way for teenage to introduce automation into their sequencers that goes beyond the lfo, in a most teenage fashion.

Of course, depending on how they’ve optimised things - and I assume they’ve don lots of optimisation because they love their product - it could take a lot of time to implement. However all their updates do, and would this not be an absolutely killer feature (along with every other killer feature haha)?

You can record just the snare pattern into a sequencer, then play keys live while dubbing to tape. Or pitch the whole kit sequence @Cuckoo stylee.

You can copy a sound to a different key (sampler slot) and change the pitch there


Just to elaborate how to do it fast: hold note button with desired sound (snare?), press lift, then press another note, press drop. You will copy sound from one note to another. Change pitch or other parameters on one of notes, and just play two different notes in sequencer to get two different parameters. Often i make 3 or 4 slight variations of one drum sound with this method to make some sound variance.

Also, you can use external sequencer and MIDI LFO to do the trick. I tried to use ModStep and MobMuplat (video) on ipad, both worked well.