Editing parameters live

Hi all, noob I’m afraid.
I’ve been an OP-1 owner for about 24 hrs. I’m enjoying it, I can cobble a few elements together, but that’s about it so far.
I’ve used all sorts of kit in my time, I do have a handful of PO’s, & recently I’m keeping my self amused with some Volcas.
I’ve searched around and I can’t find a short answer to this, can I edit parameters on the fly? From the tape? I can only seem to edit a sound before it’s recorded?
I do understand that the OP-1 works in a different way, I just can’t fathom how…yet!

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Once recorded to tape, the recording itself can’t be changed. At this point your options are limited to the master effects or resampling the existing recording to chop it up, change pitch/speed, add effects, etc. The OP-1 doesn’t record midi, only audio. A slight exception is when you use a sequencer/arpeggiator: you can set it to hold (shift + red knob). It will continue to play the pattern, even when you leave the menu and go to the synth parameters. This way you can change parameters while you record and have filter sweeps, etc in your recorded audio. You can also use the LFOs to control synth or effect parameters this way, while recording the running sequencer. Or even use the midi lfo controlled via that website and change up to 4 parameters simulteanously.

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Thanks for responding, it is becoming clearer. Two days in now, I do like the chop it up & jam with it style.
I know that hold function, I will check all that out, it sounds ace.
I’ve had the OP-1 in my wishlist for years but never really taken much notice of how it works. YouTube tutorials and demos have been helpful.
Thanks lots, I was starting to think I had said something wrong with no replies.

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Also the two memory keys are for performing a parameter change live. Fun af. Wish I had it here with me now


Yea I get it now, the mem keys are def fun, tbh, I’m loving the OP already, wouldn’t part with it.
Amazingly fast to get an interesting sound going.