Elektron Warranty

What is the story with Elektron warranties?

I know that with the OP-1 that TE will only uphold the warranty to the original owner.

Do Elektron do the same? Or can it be transferred?

Anyone had any experience?

yes it’s the same, elektron warranty is only available if you have bought the machine in the elektron store

From what I saw at Elektronauts, the warranty is transferable as long as you have a proof of purchase from the previous owner…

Yep, punji’s correct.

Thanks guys. I asked over at Elektronauts too and got the response I wanted. Someone confirmed that as long as you get the original receipt then they upkeep the warranty - he says this is definite because he’s just had a 2nd hand octatrack fixed by them :slight_smile:

It might be worth asking if the machine was registered with Elektron, can they transfer the serial to your account?