Encoder Value Flickers

Hello Guys,
I’m sure this is an old topic. I just can’t seem to find it. Question is: Is it normal for certain encoder values to flicker on my OP-1 screen in some of the effects pages? I figure it normal because it only happens with some of percussion banks and on others the value stays fixed.

Sounds like you’re referring to patches where the LFO is routed to FX parameters. If so it is quite normal.

That may be it. I’m guessing I could see this through the sound path screen? Shift + mixer. I will check later on today when I return home.

Yes – or next time you see it happening on the FX screen just hit 4 to view the corresponding LFO settings.

Thank you duncmc, when I disabled the LFO, the flickering stopped. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to still have it enabled without the flickering, just got to play with it I’m guessing. You just saved me a good chunk of money, as I was just about ready to buy a new encoder board. LOL. Thanks again.