Endless sequencer advance via MIDI?

Is there a way to make OP-1's endless sequencer advance note by note via MIDI? I.e., each MIDI note received advances the sequencer one step.

Many thanks!

As far as I know, there’s no way to do that.

You can drive the sequencer with the Midi clock AFAIK. If you really want to use Midi notes to make run you’d probably need something that converts notes to clock signals like a Raspberry and some DIY or (maybe) the Midi Flow app.

Thanks for the replies. I have the means to send the signals, I just need to know what to set on the OP-1 to make it respond accordingly.

I would not want to adjust the clock I am sending, as that would also change the tape speed.

I think you’re out of luck then. But if you still feel light you need that feature you could upload the Beta OS and send it all kinds of Midi-Signals to see if TE added any hidden features. Let us know if you have any luck.