Entering chords from DAW

Hi all,

i’m not very good at entering chords on the op-z keyboard so i figured i’d try writing them on Reaper, then playing them and recording on the op-z chord track. but i’m doing something wrong. i have an empty op-z pattern, op-z receives clock from my computer. when i hit play on Reaper step lights on op-z illuminate in sequence, but all i hear is percussion stuff, so i guess it’s a problem with the op-z midi config. any quick tips on what i should be looking into?
many many thanks

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sounds like your midi channel is not matching the midi channel of the chord track
or if u are using the midi to active track thing its not matching up that way

exactly. you should play any track you want from channel 1 or send your chords to the track number you wish to record on.

if you want to use the chord track it’s midi channel 8

you’ll sort it :man_technologist: