<< EQing seperate tracks >>

Hey everyone!. im new to the forum and glad i found it. its helped me get up and running with my OP-1!

So to my question for you guys. Generally i EQ my tracks individually in a DAW, however after moving over to the OP-1 for alot of my production im only seeing the EQ be a Master effect that effects everything. Is there a way to EQ individual tracks/parts/synths before recording to tape?.. or EQing after maybe seperately?. the Master EQ is nice… but its really useless for the most part and broad EQ seems to be an end mastering touch if that.

only way i have found is using the Nitro for a sort of highpass… and the punch to low pass which sort of EQ’s. but its not super great.

Thanks any any insight :slight_smile:

u can use ear and resample tape tracks back onto the tape thru the master EQ and drive/compression

ok ill give that a try. thanks!