Exporting OP-Z audio is still a pain

I’ve seen people share a bunch of stuff on this now, but I’m finding it pretty clunky…

For one, there’s a lot of drift between the OP-Z and Ableton if you don’t sync.

If you sync ableton to Z, ableton registers the tempo as fluctuating wildly from beat to beat & then mangles the audio by warping it…

Not syncing results in a lot of drift even by the time you record each of the 8 tracks in a single pattern. If not for the drift, this would be my preferred way…

So my fav solution so far without getting complicated is to check the BPM on the OP-Z, then set ableton to this bpm & sync the OP-Z to ableton. Record each track audio and midi out. by stopping the transport and then record arm, play on the ableton scene… It records close enough to being in sync… Then rinse and repeat for each track… It gets quickly a bit crazy when you have step components adding randomness or phase, as in "how long should I record this track for? :thinking:But the sync seems more consistent this way. I have a suspicion that the natural swing of the OP-Z is lost with this method… Ie. if you record live into the Z to get some natural groove going… But I haven’t verified this yet.

Anyone got a better way?

I’ve been basically recording my OP-Z stereo track (performing the song if you will) then using the multi-tracked midi to layer additional sounds as needed.

Not the desired effect you are going for. I would love for some kind of audio multi-tracking for the OP-Z.

It is very strange the amount of midi drift between the OP-Z and Ableton, regardless of buffer size and what-not.

I don’t think the Op-z is the problem.
Give Bitwig a try…even the demo or the limited version just for a comparison.

ableton def isn’t the best midi clock fosho