External Record Trigger

Has anyone figured out how to trigger tape recording with an external synth? I can get the play button but it’s that elusive record mode…

on the op1? i don’t think they remembered to implement that :expressionless:
iirc even if you set it to rec+pause, getting a play signal from outside (e.g. daw or other gear) clears rec.


Thanks bruv.
Ye I have experienced this first-hand. You know if anyone found any ways around it?

To record some audio/midi tracks in sync i set the start 1 bar before what i want to record, so everytime i hit play from the source the OP-1 starts in sync and i have the time to press rec+play to engage recording, at the end i just crop the first bar. :v:

This seems like it’ll work if you’re playing to tempo. I’m essentially trying to turn the OP-1 into a proper loop machine with no strict tempo lock. I would like to use an external device for velocity and I feel it would be easier to keep my hands on one device.

I love the freedom of the OP-1’s tape but essentially want better expression control. The dream is to have that quick music tool that is always ready for input but with more tracks so i don’t have to think about what to cut and what to sacrifice while making.

I can leave all that to my editor afterwards