Filter sweep envelope

What are people using for straight forward filter sweep envelope? I get pretty vague/random/steppy results in Nitro. I just want a straight forward opening of the filter, retriggering each time I play a note/chord. Pretty new to synths and the ‘instinctive’ synth parameters layouts on op1 are cool for stumbling on stuff but can be kind of vague when you’re trying to get something specific. LFO kind of gets me where I want but obviously it peaks then dips again in a cycle, I just want one slope/peak then hold…

i think there is an envelope option on the LFO

Thanks. Thought I’d absorbed most of the manual, guess I need to read it again :wink:

Cant check on OP right now but looked quick at manual. Seems like the only LFO with envelope is the ‘random’… Which I think effects all parameters within whichever t1/t2/t3/t4 synth parameter page you set it to? I only want to control the filter cutoff parameter…not resonance etc simultaneously…Maybe I’m missing something?

You can use an envelope as a source with LFO/Element. You can then modulate nitro frequency or whatever.

You can use an envelope as a source with LFO/Element. You can then modulate nitro frequency or whatever.

Thanks. Would that be it’s own unique envelope or the same ASDR amp envelope from synth settings?

yea thats the one! element. i believe its the same as the amp envelope

Thanks. Not sure that’ll work for what I want though if it’s tied to the amp envelope. Not sure how I could I have a synth sound with fast attack but with a slow filter envelope?

Cluster has a filter with it’s own envelop. Green encoder in synth page.

Thanks @Mushroots I just had a quick look at cluster. That Green rotary isn’t really sweeping the way I need. Probably my error. There’s probably a handful of ways to get OP to do what I’m trying to but for now I’ll probably just sample in to OP the patch I made on Sunrizer on ios that I was trying to recreate. The filter sweep will be different lengths pitched across the OP keys and probably going to sound kind of chipmunky in the higher notes but still closer than I’m managing to get with OP internals this time… I’ll try again some other time :wink:

If you want a slow sweep you can use the Value LFO with a very slow speed. The trouble is that if you hold the note long enough it will start to close the filter. Yes it would be great to have an envelope on the Value LFO.

you could always use the accelerometer assigned to nitro and create it manually.