Final consensus on pops @ loop end?

I trudged through 17 pages of posts, before I risked irritating the community with this question. No results.

Has there been a decided-upon “best course of action” in terms of correcting the popping @ zero crossing w/ loops?

Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t mind a consolidated thread on everyone’s tips and tricks.

One thing that I do with mixed results is cut out the middle portions of a tape track for loops. For example, say you have a two bar synth sequence you’d like to loop, I would record 6 bars and then cut out bars 3-4 for the loop. I think it gives you the best chance of effect tails lining up in a not completely terrible way. Like a said, results will vary, but it’s something to give a try.

I might be oversimplifying, because I haven’t run into this as much. Is the pop at the end of the loop or on the tail of a sample? Ive always got good results using shift + encoders messing with the end points. Zero crossing on the op1 isn’t as intuitive or precise as in other gear IMO, but the knobs being right there for bigger moves & then shift+encoders to trim up can usually eliminate any pops

arguably the best course of action is to keep this limitation in mind and work around it. it’s rarely a problem with beats, and I’d expect it to be most often found with bass sounds (usually slow to cross zero).

another thing I’ve found is on its own it may click but in the whole arrangement often it doesn’t (probably because hihats :wink:

I could be wrong, but I always suspected the master buss compressor was responsible for a great deal of the clicks. You could try working the compressor less furiously.

These click issues (because there is more than one type) were discussed at length in the previous ohpeewon site, including possible work arounds, but unfortunatelly it was all lost… we even did a petition to TE with over one hundred signees!