Finally releasing the first version of my Mute Group Track videopak!

With this videopak, you can record mute group changes. iOS, Mac and some Android support. Use 40% Off Coupon Code: midnightop (until Friday)


Dude, that sound amazing

FYI, I’m having some strange issues with shopify/paypal. Discount code is causing transactions to be “pending” for some reason, needing review. I’ll get this cleared up as soon as I can. Sorry about that if you’ve ordered something!

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So, anyone that paid with Paypal has pending orders right now and we can’t get anyone to fix it yet, but I manually fulfilled the orders so you should get your download links or check your receipt. Hopefully those things will stop pending soon. Also, I took off the download code and just reduced the price until midnight on Friday. Thanks for the support everyone!