FINGER drum arp starting out of phase

Hi there,
I’ve made some FINGER Drum patterns - and I swear yesterday they were always playing in PHASE.

Im using JOIN mode because I want to play 2 patterns at once.
But they dont always play in phase - sometimes my snare pattern is a beat late or so.
Can I make sure its always playing LOCKED somehow?

just work on your timing dude! you’ll get the feel for it :stuck_out_tongue:

my timings good - im a drummer - im slamming both keys at the same time and sometimes it lands a beat out of phase. is there an answer or no?

u gotta hit the second one ever so slightly ahead of the beat u want it to start on
as it will quantize the start of the pattern to the next beat to keep them tempo synced

i use finger all the time & that seems to work pretty flawlessly for me

It is difficult to synchronize the two patterns together perfectly. When two patterns are placed side by side, they can be easily synchronized by pressing between the note keys…