First prototype of my OP1 Sleeping Bag, a.k.a The Soft Case, done!

Here’s my OP1 sleeping bag! Printed canvas outer, orange cord on the inside, extra thick padding and quilted too. There’s a pocket inside for usb cables. Just a little protection when you just want to throw your OP1 in your bag. Just a little idea, and I"m going to get it looking a bit more polished. But, after months of procrastinating, here is my first one!!!case1

Ok, so after some testing, I’ve already realized some things that need to be changed. First, the pocket inside isn’t a good idea. I’m going to put the pocket on the outside on the next one. Second, I need to make it a skeoch bit wider, and the flap needs to be longer.

Also, although I thought cord was good for the inside, its a pain in the butt to deal with. In the future, I’m going to consider fleece or velour, but those are much cheaper fabrics than the corduroy.

I think there will be another prototype tomorrow.

It looks awesome! If my OP-1 didn’t come with its carrying case I would totally have ordered one from you!