first track with PO12,PO16 and friends

Hi , this the first track made with PO12,PO16 & friends

Very nice! Love that mewling synth. What were the friends?

Pardon my French but that was f*cking brilliant!

Interested to know what else was used too.

I like it!!!

Ok the friends : arp2600 , Arp odyssey , buchla easel , buchla 200 , Elektron analog four , Teenage engineering OP-1.
Drums and rythm : OP1,PO12 & PO16
Bass synth : analog four
Fx pad : Arp 2600
Basslead : Arp odyssey
Metallic arpeggio : buchla easel
Fx delay : buchla 200

a new track dancefloor like, with all same instruments

@kitchentone these tracks are really greeeeat !

You manage to get a rock/guitar/NIN feeling mixed to your groovy electronic music, I love this !!
Definitely inspiring !