Hey guys, I'm selling my barely-used, near-perfect condition Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer. I bought this OP-1 brand new, back in October 2014 through Chicago Music Exchange on Amazon, and I am selling it now to put the money towards a new Maschine. I realized that the OP-1 is just not what I was looking for however there is nothing wrong with this hardware it looks, feels, and sounds great! I'm also currently finishing up school so I just didn't have the time to use it as much as I should.

None of the keys or knobs are worn down in any way. The screen is still in perfect condition. The rubber "knubs" on the back of the OP-1 have a bit of a blue color on them from my jeans rubbing against them while the OP-1 was on my lap. That is the only thing that makes this OP-1 from looking brand new, and right out of the box.

Im asking for $695 but I'm also open to a good offer.
Comes with the box and cable.


hello, I have a maschine MK3 to trade .


hi! is it still available??


Hello, I am interested, do you ship worldwide (France specifically ?)


@gidigi Maschine or OP-1…I’m looing to trade my Mk for an OP-1


@ohenderson808 said:
@gidigi Maschine or OP-1…I’m looing to trade my Mk for an OP-1

thanks ohenderson808 i was asking for the op1 but i haven t express myself
in a comprehensible way, thanks anyway


I just noticed, is this thread from may 2016 ? ?


Looks like this op-1 is long since been sold…