Freaking out. Please help!

I just transferred some files to my computer in disk mode, deleted some tape and album then ejected the op-1 and now it won’t turn on. I am freaking out! Please help!

Okay so I unplugged the usb cable, powered on holding shift and com, and now it’s creating the new tape and album files just like it does when I normally eject it from disk mode. Anyone know what in the world just happened? I’m happy it’s back to normal but this makes me extremely nervous. Now I’m scared to put it back in disk mode when the time comes…

i’ve had some weird disk mode issues before.

whenever i get weird behavior i just factory reset and it usually goes away
i just factory reset every now and hten and haven’t had any crashes/issues since
seems ot keep things nice and tidy

Good idea and I will probably do that soon. It’s a little annoying because it’s brand new and it should be stable by now. The thing has been in existence for ten years. When it first happened, I was frozen with fear. Thanks