Fs(uk) op-z


Teenage Engineering OP-Z in excellent condition (latest firmware and fresh factory reset applied).

Comes boxed and complete with USB C cable. Extras include an orange pencil case which makes an ideal case for the OP-Z and cables; and USB-C to micro USB and USB-C to USB-A cables to help you connect to your other gear.

Now £400 + p&p, PayPal F&F please or collect from Dundee. Sold many times on here, Elektronauts, Muff Wiggler and over 1000 rating on eBay.


Cheeky Monday price drop! :sunglasses:


Last price drop before it heads to eBay, £400 and it’s yours!


hello : )
are you interested in trades ? thanks


Afraid not, other stuff already bought! :joy:


I’m interested, still available? Do you know aprox the delivery to Spain how much It would take?
Thanks in advance


Hi! Fully insured it won’t be cheap - add £45 for shipping to Spain.


Thanks, I think I’ll wait a bit untill I can save a little bit by selling some stuff.
Thanks anyway!


no problem i understand ! thanks for the reply


Hi @ghostly606,

I’ve had my eye on one of these instruments for a while now. I would be willing to pay an agreed price in full and I would need it to be posted. My main question would be about the price. Gear4music have got these on for £449.00 at the moment and I know you’ll have paid more than that for it. Is there any wriggle room on the price?




Hey Scott, I’d go £400 inc p&p but no lower. Any less and I’d probably just keep it. :slight_smile: