Function Button (PO-12)?

Edited for stupidity

Edited for stupidity.

Now i just got curious

Let’s just say I had a few too many and got a bit confused when using the PO for the first time. :wink:

No really, it’s abit weird that there is no real interaction with the function button on PO-12…
Or that I still haven’t found it :slight_smile:

@lyingdalai me neither. But I haven’t explored the rhythm enough. The factory steals all the thunder =)

Func + write + pattern to select a new pattern will copy!

And I think func + pattern clears the selected pattern

@charlesv the Funct button has nothing to do with patten copying. You can simply press write + pattern to copy.

I also find it weird that how little the Funct button is actually used on the Rhythm…hmmm…

Function+Pattern clears currently selected pattern.
Function+Bpm toggles synth modes


I think it was intended to get a solo mode but for some reason didn’t make it.

Holding write + sound will quantize that sound into the current pattern. Great way to tweak things live, although removing sound from the grid takes some hunting.

I wish there was a MUTE button instead of this annoyingly quite-useless FUNCT button…

@compoucher : this is the “live rec” function you’re speaking of I guess!