FX depth on POs possible??

Hey there!

Just got me a new PO-12 yesterday after waiting months for arrival and I can attest they were months well spent… This thing is amazing. Such a wide range of sounds just from those little parameter knobs, almost seems too good to be true… There’s so much goodness on this forum, y’all have been virtual Virgils leading me into the pit of goddamn delicious synthness.

The one thing I’m wondering is if there’s a way to “edit” the FX with the parameter knobs, you know adjust the level of distortion or filter sweep or what have you. Has anybody tried this or is this even possible?


You can punch-in and punch-out one effect per step, but the pots automation only affect the sound engine. Unfortunatelly It is not possible to fine tune an effect.

Alas! I feared it wasn’t possible… Oh well, these things still kick ass and there’s so much more I have yet to discover… Thanks punji!