FX units with momentary switching

Gang, what kind of FX units out there have momentary on/off switches? I’m thinking of a functionality similar to the M1/2 keys on the OP1, and how effective they are for live playing. The only thing I know of off the top of my head is the Kaoss pads, but AFAIK they can only do one effect at a time yeah? I wonder if there’s any multi-fx options. I reckon it would be a great addition to I’ve playing.

P.s. I can set this up pretty easily in ableton with any old midi controller, but thinking of a unit for computer-free gigs

Boss SX700 1u . It’s a 90 machine. No distortion ,but great at the other multifx with a bonus roland surround effect that is great at throwing the verb wide,outside the speakers. Hook up a sustain peddle, it’s great for that .