Gear advice/Audio Interface/Kitchen Sink ?

Hello. I ramped up my arsenal for home production over the last week, but being a bit of a noob I’m not sure how to unify what I have.

I now have an OP-1, a Roland TB-3, An arturia SparkLE drum machine. My DAW is Logic Pro, I have an M-Track 2 Audio interface USB (Which I originally bought to run my monitors through)

I also have the iConnect midi2 which I originally bought to feed iOS synth apps into the main DAW

The Macbook has 2 X USB and 2 Lightning ports. In my naivety, I assumed I’d be able to run the TB-3 and OP-1 trough the XLR ports on the Audio Interface, I now know that this is incorrect, and that the XLR ports are really for Mics.

So I wouldn’t mind some advice as to what kit I could do with to bring the instruments together to run the signal into the DAW. Budget is a consideration at the moment so anything you can recommend would be preferably at the low end of the pricing scale until I’ve saved up to upgrade my kit.


Yo buddy!

I’ll be more than happy to help! I’ve been exactly where you are but with a different list of equipment. The first question that popped into my head is ‘Why do you need a DAW?’

I think you have to answer what it is you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to create an album? Have fun by playing live? Just make music and see what happens?

Or maybe you’d just like to know the paths that you could potentially explore?

Anyway… :slight_smile: why do you need a DAW?

Hello, thanks for responding. Logic was next in the progression from my initial experimentation with Nanostudio. Although I haven’t used it much yet, it was always my intention to use it for track arrangement as I progress with my musical voyage. It is my aim to reinterpret tunes I’ve made in Nanostudio, make new things and put my work out into the web.

So, I think in answer to your question, its a bit of all. I love to experiment, I want to record…given time I’d do it live if I feel confident enough to. Musically I’m in my first three years so I’m still learning and getting to grips with this new branch of my creative expression.
I had considered that a small USB mixing desk might help bring the elements together but something I read recently said that 'if you have a DAW, why bother with a desk? '

I was looking at an AKAI audio interface and wondering if that was what I should have bought instead of the M-Track. All I know is that, If I can connect my devices, get the output for them to go into Logic without messing around with plugging in and unplugging cables, that will be a good start…then all I have to do I figure out the midi clock master/slave configuration and setup.

Take a look at the Focusrite Scarlett interfaces. The 18i8 offers a lot of line inputs for the $, giving you room to grow, and the drivers are stable with low latency. Also, iOS compatible via CCK, should you need that some day.

The XLR inputs are combo 1/4" so you’ll be able to plug in your OP-1 and TB-3, with the appropriate cables.

And I think you mean Thunderbolt when you say Lightning ports (I know, Apple and their weather jack terminology!?)

+1 Focusrite.

I have a Scarlett 2i2, which is not big enough for your setup, but it’s very good and gives a good idea at how the bigger interfaces are. The pre-amps are awesome, it’s easy to use, it looks good…give 'em a look!

Thanks for the tips. Thy’re really helpful.