GEARacle - A thread to honor the OP-Z


I had a lot of gear over the years. Kept some sold more. But never had I the chance to spend time with a device as genius and thought through like the OP-Z.

Have mine since January and everytime I come to the point to think now I know everything a new function comes around that i didn‘t know.
Today I learned to randomized synth presets. I didn‘t miss this before but now that I know it‘s there I can‘t imagine going on without this simple but so useful feature to come up with new sound ideas.

I think the OP-Zs greatest achivement is that its functionality is - planed by TE or not - build like a pandoras box.

You can have fun with it after a few minutes of use but with every hour you use it sucks you deeper in.
Because you’re free of a computer and power and the lightweight and small measures you’re free to take it everywhere you go.

I think of it as the Nintendo Switch of Music Sketching and Creating.

I know there are a lot of thinks to criticize hardware wise and TEs response to them but there are enough threads for that out there.
Let us be positive in this thread and i‘m happy to hear what you think workflow and functionality wise.



This machine gives everybody the chance to make complete songs without a pc or a complete studio.


Always great to see another positive review, makes me feel I’m in the right place! Been obsessed with the op-z since launch, using it daily for about 6 months now and still can’t wait to turn it on every day. Had the op-1 for about 18 months before that and have barely touched it since working with the op-z.
Yeah, I get double trigs, random freezes - doesn’t slow me down, I just work around them. Maybe a problem if I was performing live but in that case I’d make sure I had a second op-z on deck.
With the opLab module I got really crazy trying to connect to all sorts of other synths but I always come back to using the op-z by itself; it’s just really great at what it does and endlessly surprising for me. Granted I’m not a trained musician, never worked with a DAW so maybe I’m just easily amused. Still thankful for the op-z!
What really excites me is that it’s just getting started - years of cool updates ahead.


I think that‘s exactly what makes the OP-Z such an amazing tool and so special. You don‘t have too be a musician to come around great inspiration, creativity and good results with the OP-Z.

That‘s what it differs the OP-Z very much from the OP-1. The OP-1 is a one-stop-shop for people who already have music skills. I personally have one too but never really got warm with the workflow and as much as i love playing with it - for the haptic and pure potential alone - I constantly ended my session frustrated.

I NEVER ended an OP-Z Session frustrated.
I always was happy with the result and looked forward to play with it again.

Like fallen_lassen said everyone can make a song with the OP-Z.
I think it‘s a little bit like the gamification of music making. Like a puzzle you have to solve.
You just need a little bit of curiosity and time to get rewarded constantly with new features and ideas.
And that we‘re talking about hardware, something physical and not software alone is an amazing Achivement from TE.

I know a little bit about userbility design but how it is even possible to design so much functionality in such a small box and still make its use intuitiv without a display guided by led lights alone is something i can‘t get my head around.
I can‘t imagine how many hours of workshops, concepts, hardware and software design went into this thing.

Maybe that sounds a little strange but I always have mine with me in my backpack. When i‘m at the office i put the box on my desk even when i know i will not have the time to take a break with it. The fact alone to know how powerful this small thing is is joyfull and makes me happy.