Getting good quality music on instagram

I’m hoping this is a very obvious question, but how does one go about getting good audio on Instagram posts? Do I need a special cable for iPhone, or is there a simpler and very obvious answering I’m missing?

if your tlaking about the Z, just use the audio interface capabilities.
u need the CCK adapter for your apple device
plug your Z right in

if not, then a usb audio interface is the best way to go.
just get one that is class compliant (doesn’t need any drivers)
and u should be good to go.

You mean just post from my MacBook. That makes sense. I was thinking people posted from their phones all the time.

no i mean from your phone! u can do all this from your phone.
can u even post to IG from your computer?

if u get the CCK adapter, your Z will show up as an audio interface on your phone
and then u record straight to your video

same with the usb audio interface

Ok. So I need an adaptor or interface for my phone. When you said ‘Apple device’ my brain read ‘Macbook’.
Thanks for clearing that up.
Wish I hadn’t lost my iRig all those years ago.

sorry i just didn’t know if u had a phone or a pad so i just went generic.

i mean u posted this in the Z forum so i’m guessing u are referring to the Z?
if so, then the Z is your audio interface, u dont need anything else except the CCK adapter

No worries.
It’s a tidy portable set-up.
I’m using the Z mostly, but I occasionally augment it with KO and I’ve just hooked my keystep to NTS-1, so I’ll want an interface, I think.

Record the audio/video with the camera app, not inside IG.

If you record within the IG app, best case it records ok but in mono. Worst case (and I’ve been seeing this happen a number of times recently) it totally wrecks your audio. Lops off any highs, and compresses to very low bitrate.

Videos imported from camera roll from the iOS camera app seem to be safe.


Might have to invest…

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I just posted a new video today using my phone and OP-Z and a standard C to C USB cable. The OP-Z takes over as the default audio source for the phones camera app and you get the best direct digital audio to go with your video obtainable. It’s truly the perfect combo for media creation. And if you still need microphone audio, hold screen and push 1 on the Z to turn on the mic. All the best.


Nice track. Unfortunately I have an iPhone, so I can’t use that cable, I need a ‘special’ cable.

That is an unfortunate truth, I use my Samsung Note 10 and iPad Pro which both have C. With the adapter for the iPhone though you can get a good audio interface to do the heavy lifting like some others have talked about. I know you mentioned the Roland one before. I use the iRig Pro DUO which is fantastic. Allowing you to bring in two channels, monos or stereo, line or mic and gives you main outs and headphone. Battery powered, phantom power, hi-z and it comes with the apple lightning cable to connect to iPhone, and a few other cables. I’ve seen them for as low as $100 on eBay because iRig made an updated version which is still $200. Best of luck. You’ll love having an interface even though it can be a bit to carry around.

Hi there, I’ve recently started posting videos on Instagram and I use an iPhone 8 to record and post.

I use an Apple lightning to USB adapter and Griffin iMic. Also, in order to monitor the audio when I’m recording I don’t use the stock app, I use this:

My videos aren’t the best, but I’m happy with how stuff is going for now. TBH this is the first time I’ve shared stuff with the world and it’s been fun so far. Maybe I’ll get an actual camera one day, but I’m happy with the current setup.