Getting my OP-1

Ever since buying the OP-1 I’ve experienced a kind of quiet revolution.
Previously I’d created melodies by editing a piano roll. Everything was
musically correct but lifeless and dull. I didn’t enjoy it. Now I can
create the same patterns, transpose them and suddenly there’s life where
there was none before. It’s that instant gratification you get from
twiddling knobs! It’s also helped in seeing how to use other
instruments, and possibly helped me crystallise how to either write the
software or create the hardware to achieve what I want - a sequencer
that understand modes, scales, chord progressions and let’s you mess
around with controls! Like the OP-1 with its collection of sequencers but
taking them further.

Are you planning to develop sth like this, a sequencer? Would be nice…

So far what I’ve written either directly controls midi or STK synths (synthesis toolkit); what the OP-1 has got me interested in doing is something like their sequencers, but taking them much further - like adding step edit, scales/modes and chord progressions (transpose).

Isn’t that more or less what the keyoo styles do on the PO-14/16?

I don’t know, would have to investigate.